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Brake disc lock with 110 decibel alarm

The Storm Lock anti-theft device for motorcycles from IFAM alerts you when any attempt is made to steal your motorcycle, thanks to its alarm system, which is highly sensitive to impacts. 110 decibels that sound with three different types of signals based on the reiteration of the impacts detected by the sensor when thieves are attempting to open it. This brake disc lock from IFAM is undoubtedly one of the best deterrent tools for preventing attempts at stealing your motorcycle.

BODY:– Made of nickel plated, chromed zinc alloy.
COTTER:– Made of steel.
– Diameter: 7mm.
ALARM:– Volume: 110 decibels.
– Motion sensor to alert when forced opening of the lock is attempted.
KEYS:– Laser type key.
– Supplied with 2 keys.
PACKAGING:– Blister packed.
– Resistant fabric cover and Rec110 reminder cable included.
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